Bake Kujira - Feudal Japan Challenge

This is my entry to the Feudal Japan challenge here on Artstation. There were many cool designs, in the end, I ended up choosing Florian Cassani’s design because I felt that it was the most challenging and I had the most to learn from it! I really have to say thank you to Florian for the great concept.
The biggest challenge for me was definitely getting the wisp cards to work since it was my first time using translucent cards. I also have not created a skeletal creature before, so that was some trial and error to try to find the best way to make it work, with the least amount of time. The challenge has taught me so much and helped me expand my skill set a bit more. I also tried to dig deeper into Unreal Engine for rendering, and I am fairly happy with the results
This was a great challenge! Best one yet in my opinion! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's entries, both the concepts and the 3D work! I had a blast!

Tyler hinthorne beauty

Beauty Shot


Tyler hinthorne angles

Unreal Engine Renders

Tyler hinthorne mapsonmodels

Unreal Engine Texture Renders

Tyler hinthorne skeletonangles

Skeleton Renders

Tyler hinthorne wireframe

Wireframe Renders

Tyler hinthorne skeletonmat

Skeleton Texture Sheets

Tyler hinthorne cardsmat

Wisp Texture Sheets