Basilisk - Beyond Human Challenge

My submission for the Beyond Human Artstation Challenge! I have learnt so much on this project and Had lots of fun! I still do still have regrets and things I wish I would've spent more time on. I could have split up my texture sheets, created a more rigid schedule, and spent more time focusing on anatomy in the earlier stages. But aside from all that, I am quite happy how he turned out! And I hope you all agree! A great first contest and I hope to do more!!
And of course, many thanks to Jessica Downs for the great concept!

Tyler hinthorne beauty1


Basilisk - Beyond Human - Artstation Challenge

Tyler hinthorne threepose

Three angle render in Unreal Engine

Tyler hinthorne beauty2

Beauty in Unreal engine,

Tyler hinthorne mapsrenders

Texture renders

Tyler hinthorne textures